I am Paul Amery, editor of New Money Review.

I worked for over 20 years in financial markets as an asset manager, trader and product manager before switching to journalism just before the 2008 financial crisis. That was a great time to be writing about how financial markets work. The crisis also taught us that sometimes they don’t.

I set up New Money Review in 2018 to cover the accelerating changes in money. How we pay each other, how we store and exchange value and how we keep account of our monetary obligations are all changing.

For many of us, money is a confusing, complex topic, possibly one that causes anxiety as well. Some things are improving in money, like the speed and cost of payments. Other things are getting more difficult – there are probably more scams and riskier investments pushed at the public than at any time in history.

The evolution of money has always gone hand-in-hand with shifts in human history and civilisation. New forms of money will impact our social interactions, our work organisations and our political systems as well.

My aim is for this site to cover these trends objectively, independently and in an accessible way. If you want tips on the next get-rich-quick scheme, this is the wrong place. If you’d like a big-picture look at key themes in money, hopefully we’ll have some articles of interest.

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The website’s content is organised according to the four textbook definitions of money: unit of account, medium of exchange, standard of deferred payment and store of value.