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  1. Great job! Dear Paul, Very good article! Literally, a rough draft number is that there are around 40K cryptography guys worldwide now, only 2K guys are specialized in post quantum cryptography, it’s totally new scientific area for whole cryptography space. just 5%, for all these 2K guys, most of them are mathematicians or Ph. D students, or Ph.D candidates, or Master degree students. I myself believe most of these 2K PQC guys can NOT code, only around 50 guys of these 2K people can code, very few of them are architects. it’s about 2.5%. that’s in 2017. now PQC comes to be in great deamdn especially from NIST calling for proposal of PQC, for PQC coder, guess will no more than 100 before 2022.
    Including that, available algorithms is not that much just like RSA, ECC design, of course, that even NISt do not list an algorithm as a standard doesn’t mean the algorithm is not available, just depends on how mathematicians evalute its long-term secure.
    Meanwhile, actual practical quantum attack happen is not the key issue, all of us need to prepare for future. especially a public cryptocurrency like bitcoin.

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